Selected Publications



Robinson, G.C., Bason, J.V., Montgomery, M.G., Fearnley, I.M., Mueller, D.M., Leslie, A.G.W.,  and Walker, J.E. The structure of F1-ATPase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae inhibited by its regulatory protein IF1.  (2013) Open Biol. 3: 120164.


Symersky, J., Osowski, D., Walters, D.E. (2012) Oligomycin frames a common drug binding site in the ATP synthase.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA, 109: 13961-13965. (Chosen by Faculty of 1000:


Symersky, J., Pagadala, V., Osowski, D., Krah, A., Meier, T., Faraldo-Gómez, J.D., Mueller, D.M., (2012) Structure of the c10 ring of the yeast mitochondrial ATP synthase in the open conformation Nat. Struc. Molec. Biol. 19: 485-491. (The results of this paper was summarized in “Research Highlights” in the August issue of Biopolymers, 97 (8), iii-iv, 2012 and was also highlighted by GM/CA-CAT at the Advance Photon Source in their annual report to the NIH. To quote Prof. Janet Smith, Scientific Director and Dr. Robert Fischetti, Group Leader of GM/CA, “…and we would like to highlight this paper as a significant contribution from data collected at GM/CA@APS. … The highlights will be used in our annual report to the NIH, and posted on the GM/CA@APS website.”)


Pagadala, V., Vistain, L., Symersky, J., and Mueller, D.M. (2011) Characterization Of The Mitochondrial ATP Synthase From Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, J. Bioener. Biomemb. 43, 333-347. PMCID: in process


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