Methods from other labs.


Yeast Media From Botstein Lab


General, Yeast, E. coli Methods from Breeden Lab.

  1. General: SDS PAGE, Silver staining, Western and Northern blot, mRNA purification, and more.
  2. Yeast: transformation, yeast colony PCR, gene deletion, and more.
  3. E.coli: plasmid prep and more.

General, Yeast, and Bacteria Methods from Gottschling Lab

  1. General: Southern and Northern, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and more.
  2. Yeast: Plasmid rescue, Media, RNA prep, methods from Gietz lab and more.
  3. Mini-preps, and more.

Definitive Yeast Transformation from Gietz


Methods from this lab.


Isolation of yeast mtDNA

Primers and Method to Directly Sequence ATP6, 8, and 9 from purified mt DNA (see above).

Large Scale Plasmid Preparation

Removal of primers from PCR rx for DNA sequence analysis


 Beckman Conversion Tool (rpm to rcf)